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XpressBuy™ powers Buy buttons for users to make in-the-moment purchases directly from an ad, without having to visit the retail site. For retailers, XpressBuy™ delivers six times the conversion rates of click-through advertising and optimization of cost-per-sale.

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XpressBuy Benefits

more transactions using XpressBuy™
lift in conversions using XpressBuy™

XpressBuy Platform

Drive consumers to purchase more reliably, faster, and with a better user experience, with the XpressBuy™ Ad Commerce Platform. The Platform provides a single, normalized easy to use set of APIs (and SDKs) to access product information and checkout across 450+ retailers and access to over 100 Million mobile wallets, enabling you to create a frictionless purchase path for your eager to purchase customers. The platform supports both mobile and desktop. The XpressBuy PCI compliant cloud architecture provides massive operational scale, reliability, and security.

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XpressBuy Retailers

The XpressBuy™ Ad Commerce Platform is enabled to work with over 450+ retailers today. XpressBuy™ powered Buy buttons are easy to set up working with XpressBuy or through your agency, DSP or ad network.

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XpressBuy™ is an Ad Commerce platform that reduces the purchase friction at the moment of interest – anywhere and across platforms - benefiting consumers and retailers alike.

  • Seamless integration with little setup
  • Use everywhere - ads, social media, marketplaces
  • Capture extra sales in places away from retail site
  • Optimize cost-per-sale with purchase funnel data
  • Higher ROI from Ad Spend on mobile and desktop
  • Buy at the moment of interest
  • Full access to product details
  • Coupons applied automatically
  • Quick and frictionless checkout
  • Buy directly from the retailer

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